Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Riacol is a consulting firm with deep expertise in the Investments, Information, Real Estate and Defense industries

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At Riacol, we are inspired and guided by our values: Trust, Respect, Accountability, Collaboration and Innovation. By relying on these values, we make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to us. By committing to a set of shared values, we also promote a more cohesive and supporting organization. 

5 Years Of Experience

With clients in multiple verticals

Defining Success

We conduct business with dignity

A diverse company is a strong company. The people of Riacol come from different backgrounds. We share different perspectives and different styles of solving problems

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Enterprise function consulting We help our clients reimagine, restructure and renew business functions to create agile and resilient organizations that can continuously innovate and serve internal and external customers more effectively.

Oil company turns into innovation powerhouse

How a major national oil company developed a digital strategy to realize billions in benefits and decrease

Supply chain management and operations

Learn how to wield intelligence across the supply chain and elevate your role from inventory to influencer.

Technology Consulting

Raise your business to the next level with groundbreaking strategy, fresh technologies and innovation advisors that help drive business value.

Marketing, Sales & Service

We live in a world where customer expectations are constantly evolving. They demand curated experiences, seamless interaction and immediate satisfaction

COVID-19: What to do Now, What to do Next

Reopening requires more than a return to normal, however, because the unpredictable and long-lasting period that follows this pandemic

Applied Intelligence

Make your AI vision a reality by knowing where to start and how to scale. A strong strategy is key to making the right investments for transformation

Innovation architecture

Lightning, bottled. How do innovative ways of thinking deliver disruptive ways of winning? We take you from research to results. Then we do it all again.

Turning disruption to advantage

Why Choose Riacol

Superior service

At Equitable Life, we're not your typical financial services company. We have the knowledge, experience and ability to find solutions that work for you. We're friendly, caring and interested in helping.

Financial strength and stability

Riacol's success is a result of very strong growth and a conservative approach to investment. We take a conservative approach to risk and focus on longer term strategies that foster ongoing stability and growth for our policyholders and business partners

Corporate citizenship

We believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate, and we support various charitable initiatives to the communities we serve better, healthier and more caring places to live

Riacol Strategy

We Approach Consulting Differently


Strategy consulting services We combine deep industry expertise, advanced analytics capabilities and human-centered approaches to help our clients shape their business strategies and drive growth.
Zero-based spend Identify General & Administration (G&A) with an unprecedented level of granularity to make bold choices that free up cash for growth initiatives.
Realigning resources for growth Adopting NCx is an investment in tomorrow. By infusing new technologies and an owner-operator ethos across your organization, we can help you shift cost curves and reimagine work itself.
To build your future, forget your past A Null-based mindset means starting from scratch and building up to what your costs should be, based on the outcomes you want.